NOT RACIST: Black Businessmen Meet With Trump Advisers on Capitol Hill

“If putting America first, securing our border and protecting jobs for our friends makes people a White Nationalist- then I am a White Nationalist too!” says Raynard Jackson, President of Black Americans for a Better Future.

Washington DC Sept. 26, 2017 was the first Annual Black Enterpernurual Economic Summit- on Capitol Hill  at the Pheonix Hotel. The lunchtime speaker was Mr. Corey Lewandowski.

Photo by Kari Donovan   Corey Lewandowski explains to the Media that he is not a racist, under the watchful eye of his friend Raynard Jackson- who just said he was not a racist. 

A group of small business leaders met with House Representatives and advisors close to President Trump’s administration yesterday to talk about how Black Republican Small Business Owners can use their leadership roles and skills to help bring employment opportunities to their communities.  They talked about how they can develop relationships with the Trump administration, a very important part of the process to navigating the funding process for Free Enterprise right now.

Mr. Lewandowski spoke of President Trump’s small business mindset,  and how that is a great asset for the small business leaders to tap into. “President Trump and I share with you the understanding of what it is like to try to make payroll when funds are tight,” Corey told the audience.

“You are going to have to hustle,” Corey told the group, who received that message warmly as an invitation to show Americans what they are really made of.  One older man from the Selma, MS period of Civil Rights said that he wanted to show President Trump that they were not just about Race — but they were about hard work.  The message the group wanted to be heard was they wanted more opportunities to work hard, they just need some help making the right connections at the government level.

The request Mr. Jackson made is for Lawmakers and advisors to use their positions to help him make those contacts on behalf of Black small business leaders.  “People do business with people they know,” Mr Jackson says.  “We, as Black Leaders,  need opportunities to be at the table when the discussions are being had about business solutions”  he went on.

Two of Mr. Jackson’s personal friends and contacts are investing their personal time to make that goal happen for the group, Corey Lewandowski, who spoke at the Economic Summit with an inspiring and encouraging message,  and Steve Bannon who will be speaking for the group next week.

As everyone knows the media has accused both men of being White Supremacists and racists.  Their’s is interesting work for “White Nationalists”.

Mr. Jackson is not at all shy about calling out the Mainstream Media for their lies about his two friends.  “If Corey is a racist, Lord send me some more racists in my life,” Mr. Jackson said in his introduction to Corey at the Summit on Wednesday.

The group presented a White Paper and had numerous discussions with Leading Republicans already in their calendar going forward.


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