Black Columbia Professor Urges Prep School Exodus Over Critical Race Theory

Columbia University professor John McWhorter is urging for parents to pull their kids out of a prominent prep school in Bergen County, NJ over critical race theory being taught at the school.

McWhorter praised teacher Dana Stangel-Plowe, who resigned from Dwight-Englewood school over her principled opposition to critical race theory. He is calling for parents to pull their kids out of the school until the administrators are held accountable and forced to ditch the curriculum.

“All hail Dana Stangel-Plowe, who has resigned from the Dwight-Englewood school, which teaches students ‘antiracism’ that sees life as nothing but abuse of power, and teaches that cringing, hostile group identity against oppression is the essence of a self,” said McWhorter, who also works as a writer for The Atlantic magazine, in a tweet.

“Truly antiracist parents, in the name of love of their kids, should pull them from the Dwight-Englewood school as of next fall,” McWhorter added. “Only this will arrest these misguided Elect parishioners from their quest to forge a new reality for us all.”

Stangel-Plowe blasted the racist curriculum when she publicly announced her resignation due to her opposition to critical race theory.

“[S]tudents arrive in my classroom accepting this theory as fact: People born with less melanin in their skin are oppressors, and people born with more melanin in their skin are oppressed,” Stangel-Plowe wrote. “Men are oppressors, women are oppressed, and so on. This is the dominant and divisive ideology that is guiding our adolescent students.”

She explained that indoctrinated students now “recoil from a poem because it was written by a man” and “approach texts in search of the oppressor” because this poison has been drilled into their brains by abusive teachers.

“One student did not want to develop her personal essay — about an experience she had in another country — for fear that it might mean that she was, without even realizing it, racist,” the teacher wrote. “In her fear, she actually stopped herself from thinking. This is the very definition of self-censorship.”

Stangel-Plowe explained that this racism is coming from the top, as a prominent school administrator gleefully enforces racism against whites at every opportunity.

Sje said that Dwight-Englewood Head of School Rodney De Jarnett “told the entire faculty” on different occasions in 2017 and 2018 “that he would fire us all if he could so that he could replace us all with people of color” and described a recent faculty meeting that was “segregated by skin color” and at which white teachers were told “to ‘remember’ that we are ‘White’ and ‘to take responsibility for [our] power and privilege.'”

McWhorter is an author writing a book on what he calls “Third Wave Antiracism,” which he believes teaches that “racism is baked into the structure of society, so whites’ ‘complicity’ in living within it constitutes racism itself, while for black people, grappling with the racism surrounding them is the totality of experience and must condition exquisite sensitivity toward them, including a suspension of standards of achievement and conduct.”

People standing up against cultural marxism from the low IQ mob is a good sight. If enough free Americans stand and push back against critical race theory and other anti-white blood libels, this civilization may be salvageable after all.

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