Black Lives Matter Has Potential Ties to Venezuelan Strongman Nicolás Maduro

Mamela Fiallo Flor of the Panam Post highlighted how certain Black Lives Matter activists have ties to Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro.

Black Lives Matter is allegedly protesting against police brutality that is solely directed against African Americans.

Fiallo Flor did note, however, that there is some hypocrisy with BLM supporting Maduro.

Regardless of where one stands on Maduro’s regime, it’s undeniable that his government violently suppresses protests.

The uproar from George Floyd’s death has attracted a wide spectrum of protesters, who are generally ignorant of the activists’ connections.

The founders of the movement — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza y Opal Tometi —have openly demonstrated their ties to socialist movements and even Maduro himself.

Back in 2011, Cullors gave her first presentation at Left Forum, the largest annual conference of the international Left. It brands itself as “The Place for People with Radical Ideas.”

The extent which Black Lives Matter founders are involved with Venezuela was put on display with Tometi’s personal visit to supervise the vote recount in the parliamentary elections in 2015.

Fiallo Flor called attention to the fact that the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union did not send representatives to the elections because of the concerns of potential electoral fraud. Nonetheless, Maduro turned to other international organizations such as Black Lives Matter as a way to legitimize his regime by overseeing the country’s already questionable elections.

Due to the Venezuelan opposition winning national assembly elections in 2015, Black Lives Matter published a manifesto titled “Black Lives Matter in Solidarity with Venezuelan People.”

In this publication, the activists described the Venezuelan opposition as “counterrevolutionary”, language which Cuba’s communist regime employs to discredit opposition towards it.

“We offer this expression of our unwavering solidarity with the progressive and revolutionary Venezuelan people as they reflectregroup and rectify to defend the Bolivarian Revolution,” the BLM founders noted.

Maduro received an award at the People of African Descent Leadership Summit back in 2015, where Tometi was one of the panelists involved at this event.

Black Lives Matter’s positioning with Venezuela reflects its anti-American nature.

It’s one thing to remain prudent about trying to stoke up tensions with countries abroad, but it’s another to blindly support foreign regimes that don’t necessarily reflect a country’s best interests.

From a bigger picture perspective, geopolitical opponents of the U.S. will exploit racial tensions within the country for their own gain. The U.S. will need to get its economic affairs in order if it wants to remain safe from foreign interference.

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