Black Lives Matter is Leading the Charge for a Monument Removal in South Carolina

Even after former Governor Nikki Haley removed the confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol in 2015, iconoclastic leftist activists want to remove more monuments.

7News reports that they’re now targeting a Confederate monument currently located outside an Upstate courthouse.

Black Lives Matter Greenwood co-founder Travis Greene declared “It should not be here to pay homage to a time in which everyone wasn’t equal and we still fight for those equalities today.”

Greene claims that the monument, which was built in 1903, is privately owned.

He stated that “Either the united daughters of the confederacy or the daughters of the American revolution” own the monument.”

Greene added, “If you read the article from 1903 in the newspaper, it says in favor and to remember General Lee. General Lee was the biggest racist in the state of South Carolina.”

The Black Lives Matter activist referenced the Heritage Act to point out that this potential monument removal would not need conventional legislative approval to go through.

A recent ruling from a local judge on a war memorial is relevant in this case.

According to Greene, the judge’s “ruling from that case opened up many monuments to a new light under the heritage act. Under that ruling, it says monuments that are privately owned are not covered under the Heritage Act.”

The Heritage Act makes any effort to remove, change, or rename a monument on public property without a 2/3 vote from the general assembly illegal.

However, some Greenwood County residents want to preserve this monument.

“It is just a huge part of history. Any monument to remember our history, where we came from – where black people came from where white people came from, it doesn’t matter,” said Marcy Pitts.

Sbe added, “[It’s] not only a monument to what happened and to history but a monument to these people who lost their lives, who suffered, they should be remembered.”

Some will brush away monument removals as symbolic, but they’re part of a concerted effort to advance a politically correct agenda that is hell-bent on destroying American history.

Confederate figures are easy to attack, but they’re only the springboard for even large assaults on American history. BLP reported how even Thomas Jefferson has become victim to this PC agenda. Nikki Haley has no idea about the Pandora’s Box she unleashed when she took down the Confederate flag.


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