Black Lives Matter Speak at Pro-Trump Rally, End Up Leading USA Chant

Screenshot via Jack Posobiec

If the common cause found between Juggalos and supporters of President Donald Trump wasn’t random enough, Black Lives Matter representatives ended up speaking at the Mother of All Rallies — to huge applause!

During the pro-Trump event, several people wearing Black Lives Matter shirts took the stage. While many were initially expecting them to protest the crowd and the president, instead they gave an epic speech about everyone uniting.

“We are not anti-cop, we are anti-bad cop,” the man began to mixed reactions. “We say that if a cop is bad, he needs to be fired like a bad plumber, or a bad, or a bad lawyer…”

The man continued, “or a bad fucking politician!” At this point, the crowd erupted in cheers for the unexpected speaker.

“We want our god-given right to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the speaker continued, to a cheering crowd. “When I say I am African-American — I mean both! Get that through your heads.”

The speaker added, “if we really want to make America great, we do it together,” once again causing the rally-goers, who have repeatedly been falsely branded as racist, to break out in applause.

Another member of the group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators on the stage then lead the crowd in an epic chant of “USA! USA!”

“I’m a black man, if black lives really mattered, then they need to protest in Chicago,” the speaker said, explaining his only problem with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The speaker urged that, “we need to have a MOAR rally in Chicago with BLM!” Once again generating huge cheers from the pro-Trump crowd.

While there are certainly members of BLM that preach about wanting to see dead cops, there are also some with more reasonable hopes and positions — and it is refreshing to see constructive dialog during such divisive times.

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