Black Republican Threatened With Gun While Volunteering At Polls

A black Republican volunteer was intimidated by violent thugs with a handgun while racial slurs were hurled at him during a volunteering session at a polling station in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday.

“Down here in Steele Creek working the polls just threatened by two white males in [sic] a white female who called me a N*****, Black piece of s*** and exposed his weapon,” said Derek L. Partee on Facebook. “I had to back off and call CMPD, folks are getting bold and forward in the time.”

Partee, a Republican, posted photos of the men who threatened him, one of whom is open-carrying a handgun on his hip, which is legal in North Carolina.

The Charlotte Regional Republican Volunteer Network shared Partee’s post.

“Three thugs displayed a gun while threatening and yelling racial slurs at a Republican Volunteer,” the post said.

Partee did not immediately respond to a comment request.

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