Black Student Writes N-Word Graffiti Resulting in 1000+ Student Walk Out at Missouri High School

Graffiti of the n-word and death threats that prompted a walk out of over 1000 students at a Missouri high school was written by a black student in an all too familiar story.

The hate-filled messages in a bathroom stall were written by a black student at the Parkway Central High School in Missouri. The messages were discovered on Sept. 23, prompting a walk out. Superintendent Keith Marty let parents know that a black student was behind the vandalism but maintained his virtue signaling nevertheless.

“We remain hurt by the actions of the student, as it does not represent the values of our community,” Marty wrote, adding that he was “proud” of the mindless indoctrinated students for “proactively [leading] walkouts.”

The students used the hate hoax to revel in their supposed victimhood in what has become a demented sacrament of sorts for Generation Tide Pod.

“I am sick and tired of people getting racially profiled,” student Catherine Arlena Lopez-Reyes screamed into a bullhorn during the walkout. “I just want to say to the school, do better.”

“We just absorb it, most of us,” said student Ronald Griffin, a senior, during the walkout. “There’s a ton of people that act friendly, but then you hear about things people have said… off to the side.”

This is not the first time that a black student has written racially inflammatory graffiti as part of a hate hoax at the school. A minority student wrote “White Lives Matter” in the school in 2017, which provoked similar outrage.

Big League Politics reported about a similar incident at Albion College where the hoax ultimately did not matter and the left-wing cult kept acting as if it were a legitimate hate incident anyway:

Students at Michigan liberal arts institution Albion College protested for a third straight day over racist graffiti, even after it was revealed to be a hate hoax.

The Albion Department of Public Safety reported that a 21-year-old black male was brought in for questioning, and he confessed to writing the graffiti. The messages included several racist slurs and references to the Ku Klux Klan.

In their response to the situation, Albion College failed to mention that it was a hate hoax in order to obscure the truth so the snowflakes on campus do not get triggered:

The race hucksters who used the issue to push their social justice agenda are not likely to acknowledge that this instance was yet another hate hoax.

“Students have been dealing with issues like COVID-19, locked in their dorms and now they have to deal with racial graffiti. It is not acceptable in this community. And we are here to stand with this community and the community of Albion College,” said Robert Dunklin, who works as NAACP branch president of Albion.”

These hate hoaxes will continue as a routine part of the multicultural American landscape where the truth, facts and common decency are no longer relevant.

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