Blake Masters Blames GOP leadership for Defeat in His United States Senate Race 

On November 15, 2022, Blake Masters sharply criticized the Republican Party’s midterm strategy and spending moves while he conceded his United States Senate run to incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly. 

“I called and congratulated Mark Kelly this morning. There was obviously a lot of problems with this election but there is no path forward in my race,” Masters posted on Twitter.

In this election cycle, Masters described Republican candidates as “underdogs.”

“I was outspent by over $70 million. That’s what happens when you take on the national Democrat machine, the media, the universities, Big Tech, and woke corporations,” Masters proclaimed. 

Masters specifically took Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell to task for his bungled approach to midterm election spending. Following the midterm election night, Masters went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to declare that McConnell “doesn’t deserve” a leadership position in the Senate. Prior to the midterm elections, Masters said that the Republican Party needs “new leadership” and must move on from McConnell, per a Wall Street Journal report.

The Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), which is connected to McConnell, reportedly withdrew roughly $10 million in advertising originally allocated for Masters in September.

Clearly, the GOP had no interest in promoting Masters. He is an America First nationalist that challenges Republican conventional wisdom on foreign policy and immigration. For that reason, the powers that be in the GOP did everything possible to stop his campaign in its tracks. 

If America First agendas are to be implemented by the Republican Party, its entire leadership must be purged of all neocon and Business First elements. A change of blood is long overdue.

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