BLM Activist and School Board Member Faces Accusations of Molesting Over 60 Children

Black Lives Matter activist Tay Anderson has stepped down from his position on the Denver School Board after accusations emerged that he molested over 60 children.

Concerned parent Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming testified before the Colorado House Judiciary Committee that 62 people asked her for help regarding an unnamed sexual predator. The youngest victim was 14 years old, and the predator’s actions ranged from “unwanted touching” to “violent acts of rape.”

Brooks Fleming, testifying in support of a bill that would more easily allow victims to sue employers of child sexual abusers, added that all but one of the children had no documentation or are in the United States on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

“Those who came to my home didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford emergency rooms, and even if they could, they wanted to avoid mandatory reporters for fear that such an interaction could jeopardize their family,” she said. “It is horrifying to realize that someone had preyed on these children, knowing their silence was guaranteed.”

Despite stepping down from Denver School Board, Anderson maintains his innocence and feels confident that the ongoing investigation will eventually absolve him of any wrongdoing.

“These unsubstantiated false allegations have caused a great deal of trauma to our entire district, and our students deserve better,” Anderson wrote in a tweeted press release. “These false claims have put my family and I in harms way and now as a father and son I must protect those I love first, therefore I will be stepping back from everyday board functions until the completion of the independent investigation.”

Back in March the Denver chapter of BLM, known as Black Lives Matter 5280, released a statement saying that a woman came to them to accuse Anderson of sexually assaulting her. The statement shared the victim’s request that he “issue a public apology and seek help from a licensed professional with relevant expertise.” Anderson has denied this allegation as well.

“BLM5280 is fiercely committed to protecting, uplifting, and believing Black women, decidedly as it relates to sexual violence,” the statement read. “Until Dir. Anderson has accounted for himself in these ways, he will not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 physically or on any of our platforms.”

The Washington Post described Anderson last June as “the face of Denver’s [George Floyd] protests.” He is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

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