BODY CAM VIDEO: BLM Race Riots Explode in Lancaster, Pennsylvania After Officer Shoots Aggressive Knife-Wielding Man

Mob riots have exploded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with false rumors sweeping over the community hours after an aggressive man wielding a knife was shot by a police officer after attacking him.

An area prosecutor is stating that the shooting is being investigated, but the video footage paints a clear cut picture of events, showing a man aggressively rushing a police officer with a knife.

“A police-involved shooting has significant impact on a community, as we are seeing with the large number of individuals gathering in the streets,” District Attorney Heather Adams said Sunday night. “However, I am asking that all reaction be tempered as the investigation is ongoing.”

Criminal mobs took to the streets in what seemed like an instant reaction to the shooting. They were seen engaging in violence outside of Lancaster’s police station.

The street mob appeared to target random civilians at one point in the night’s activities, possibly attacking them on the basis of their race.


False reports claiming the man who was shot-later identified as 27-year old Ricardo Munoz- circulated like wildfire after the shooting. Progressive advocates claimed that Munoz had actually been an autistic 14-year old boy, a false assertion.

The criminal mob was dispersed in a timely fashion compared to recent riots seen in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Rochester, New York, suggesting that local authorities are less patient with mass criminal activity in the jurisdiction.

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