BLM’S LEGACY: Terror Besieges Memphis as Thugs Threaten Killing Spree on White People After Gruesome Livestreamed Murders

The city of Memphis is falling to terror with young black men publicly advertising how they intend to use white people as targets after a depraved and wicked murderer used social media to broadcast his murder spree, as the societal Black Lives Matter effect comes into focus.

The sickening racist video of the men threatening to indiscriminately kill white people can be accessed here:

Ezekiel Kelly, 19, is the suspect of the spree killing that left four people dead. He was on the streets because of the criminal justice laws recommended by BLM activists. He received only 11 months in prison after being charged with attempted murder and was released earlier this year. Now, four people are dead as a result of these lax criminal justice policies.

Other recent ghastly murders in Memphis include a pastor shot dead in her driveway in broad daylight, a community activist killed during a heated argument, and a female jogger abducted and brutally slain while going on a jog.

Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and murdered while going for a morning run last week. She was a Christian school teacher, and one of her lessons can be seen here:

The suspect accused of the crime is 38-year-old Cleotha Abston, who has an extensive criminal record and was recently let out of jail without serving his entire sentence:

Big League Politics has reported on the violent crime rate rising throughout the world in the aftermath of BLM’s revolution and racial reckoning against white people:

According to a report by One America News, 6 cities in the United States are on pace to surpass the violent crime rates they recorded in 2021. For some of these cities, their 2021 crime rates were at record levels.

Crime data points to Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. being on pace to top their violent crime levels in 2021.

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