Bloomberg Draws Paltry Crowd of 45 at Heavily Advertised Rally

Michael Bloomberg drew a puny crowd of 45 to a rally in San Antonio, Texas over the weekend, despite carpet-bombing the airwaves of local TV and radio stations with ads promoting the event.

Bloomberg’s campaign claimed the event was attended by 130 people, but sources indicate the crowd was much smaller. The megabillionaire oligarch and former New York City mayor was introduced by Judge Judy of reality TV show fame.

Bloomberg’s event was picketed by pro-Trump demonstrators, who were seen with ‘Trump 2020’ placards through the restaurant’s windows.

The massively wealthy oligarch has already shattered all-time records for campaign spending in a primary, dropping $34 million on a single ad buy placed at the beginning of his late campaign alone.

He’s spent more than $200 million on his campaign thus far-having been in the race for less than two months.

Bloomberg has eschewed a traditional primary campaign strategy of focusing on early-voting states such as New Hampshire and Iowa to harness momentum, instead focusing on bigger states such as California and Texas. With the former Wall Street businessman’s personal net worth of more than $57 billion, it seems as if he’s planning on shamelessly buying his way to the top of the Democratic primary.

However, Bloomberg’s shameless strategy might be more transparent with Democratic primary voters than he realizes. He’s failed to gain serious momentum in the primary, pushing to around 5% in polling averages but failing to seriously challenge current frontrunners such as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Bloomberg may be the most anti-gun Democrat currently running. He’s orchestrated operations to pass draconian packages of gun control legislation in states such as Virginia,

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