Bloomberg Mocked Father & Son Who Died of Opioid Overdoses in 2019: “Bad Family”

Michael Bloomberg spoke of two men who died of opioid overdoses in mocking terms, stating the men were from a “bad family.”

The remarks were made at the Bermuda Executive Forum, an event for connected business executives in March of 2019.

Bloomberg was speaking about the nationwide opioid crisis, bringing up a story from the New York Daily News. Joseph and Carlos Andrade, father and son, both died of heroin overdoses after a party in Brooklyn.

Watch his remarks here:

Daily News had a picture on the front page of a father and a son — they both OD’d at the same party. I mean, it’s not a good family — craziness.

Bloomberg’s dismissive tone was bad enough. But some among the financial class present at the event to hear Bloomberg speak openly laughed at the former New York mayor’s description of the men as being from a “bad family.”

Hundreds of thousands of Americans of all geographic and ethnic varieties have lost their lives in the ongoing opioid crisis. They deserve compassion, not for an authoritarian oligarch to cast off their deaths as the consequence of them being from “bad families.”

As Bloomberg’s dismal record and history of outright insults to populations of Americans ranging from farmers to machinists is revealed, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the megabillionaire Democratic candidate to deny that he’s anything more than the most blatant of coastal elitists.

In revealing fashion, Bloomberg went on to frame the opioid crisis as a concern for the economy and business interests, as opposed to a great human tragedy that’s ravaged communities and families across the country.

We’re losing control, and it’s the workforce that suffers.


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