‘Blotchy’ Ballots Could Be To Blame For Voting Machine Scanning Problems In Maricopa County

During a conversation with Charlie Kirk today, Turning Point Action Chief Operating Officer Tyler Bowyer revealed that misprinted ballots may be responsible for the Dominion voting machine malfunctions in Maricopa County, Arizona.

“If you go in and you check in and your ballot isn’t scanning you need to ask them for another print,” Bowyer explained. “I just experienced it myself. I personally just went and requested a ballot.”

According to Bowyer, his original ballet was “so blotchy from the printer that the scanner could not read it.”

Bowyer shared his findings on Twitter, saying, “I just voted in person in MESA & this is how it printed. The reader rejected it & had we not inspected the ballot before voting we likely would have been told just to leave the ballot behind.”

“The Poll Chief reprinted a new ballot,” he added. “She said this is an ongoing issue with printers!”

During Bowyer’s conversation with Kirk, he said “I believe that is part of the problem of why people aren’t having their ballots be read, is that you have bad equipment, faulty equipment, you have machines that need to be replaced, printers that need to be replaced, and the poll judge there told me they requested two hours ago for a replacement and they can’t even get people to pick up the phone in Maricopa County.”

Bowyer’s concerns over voting in Maricopa County are similar to other Republicans who have been documenting all of the various machine malfunctions that are worrying voters.

For example, in a video from earlier this morning, a poll worker is shown informing a line of Arizonans waiting to cast their vote that their two tabulators are not working properly.

In the clip, a woman asks the poll worker if she could take her ballot from the building to another polling location. The man informed her that the ballots cannot leave the building.

The woman then left the line because she did not believe the ballots in box 3 would be counted.

Bowyer has a message for similar voters to the woman who are debating standing in long lines while these machine errors get fixed: “if [ballot misprints] happens four or five times, the best bet is to cancel your vote.”

“Cancel your check-in,” Bowyer added. “They can officially do that in the polling place, but don’t just leave and give up, you cannot do that once you check-in.”

“You have to show up, you have to get in like, you have to show that we care about Arizona,” Bowyer concluded.

He noted that voters must stay in line even if it takes all day because employers are legally required to allow for a person to vote.

Twitter users have chimed in all day to express concerns over many of these Election Day catastrophes.

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