BLP LIVE AT NATCON: Dave Rubin Says ‘Marxists Have to be Removed’ For ‘Decency’ and ‘Law and Order’ to Return to America

Reporters from Big League Politics recently attended the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando, Fl., which took place from Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

During an intermission in the conference, reporter Albert Turkington posed questions to Dave Rubin, the former liberal turned right-leaning influencer, about his evolving ideology and how conservatives should fight back against the Radical Left.

Rubin talked up the merger of Rumble, the pro-freedom video streaming platform, and Locals, his social media project, as a way for conservatives to get the word out. He believes that this merger will allow for conservatives to have a viable and comprehensive platform to defeat the Big Tech monopolies.

“I’m thrilled to see some alternative media because the mainstream media is garbage…The day of the ownership of the truth being on the side of CNN, the New York Times, that is certainly over, and I’m a believer in the more voices the better,” he said.

Turkington asked Rubin about how he reconciles his support for liberal values with his attendance of the National Conservatism Conference. Rubin said that although he supports liberal values and has some libertarian tendencies, there will need to be some government action to restore law and order against the threat of the Radical Left.

“The Marxists have to be removed. We have to get some semblance of decency back in the country, some semblance of law and order, and a belief that this is a good place, and laws matter and biology matters,” he said.

Rubin believes that conservative Christians, libertarians and social liberals should put aside their differences and unite to defeat the leftist threat, which will snuff out freedom for all of those groups once they achieve their goal of absolute power.

“It’s not to diminish the importance of those issues. What we talked about last night is religion in schools…I don’t love the idea of religion in schools, I mean personally, I prefer as much school choice as possible, and that we should fund students instead of schools,” Rubin said.

“But the point is we can have that discussion, but first, we have to save the country and then we can figure out those details,” he added.

Rubin closed the interview by saying that he found it “refreshing” to speak to a generally older audience at the National Conservatism Conference with less “rah rah” and more of a focus on a scholarly discussion of the issues, an approach that he believes can give a much-needed alternative to young people.

“It really has been about the ideas, and I actually think that even zoomers, I think 16-year-olds, who have watched so many adults become completely insane and affected by identity politics and afraid of their own shadows, I think they are looking for something a little more mature and thoughtful, and I think our ideas are better, and we just have to get those ideas out there and then see what happens,” Rubin said.

The interview can be seen here:

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