Bolsonaro: Brazil Stands With Trump Against Gender Ideology, Political Correctness, and Fake News

Brazil Stands With Trump Fake News

President Bolsonaro of Brazil made clear during his meeting with President Donald J. Trump that Brazil stands with the United States against what he terms the “gender ideology,” political correctness, and fake news.

During his speech at the joint press conference held between President Trump and President Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president said his administration stands with the United States when it comes to “ensuring liberties with respect to traditional family lifestyles,” and in “respect to God, our Creator.”

He then added that Brazil stands with President Trump “against the gender ideology, the politically correct attitudes, and against fake news.”

President Bolsonaro repeatedly stressed that he has always respected the United States, and that President Trump’s election and inauguration in 2017 only added to his level of respect.

He also spoke favorably of President Ronald Reagan.

“Drawing inspiration from Ronald Reagan, I wish to bring to Brazil his administration style,” and expanded that to him this means “People should say what the government can do, not the other way around.”

President Bolsonaro stressed that President Trump has unleashed a new wave of optimism and respect for the United States that he hopes to replicate in Brazil.

“The United States changed in 2017, and Brazil has just started to change now, in 2019,” said President Bolsonaro, “We stand together side by side to the ultimate benefit of the two nations. We want to have a great America, yes, but we also want to have a great Brazil.”

President Bolsonaro concluded, “Once again, may I voice my admiration and recognition to President Donald Trump on this beautiful day, when we seal a promising alliance between the two most promising, and largest democracies in the Western hemisphere.”

“May God bless Brazil, and may God bless the United States of America.”

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