BOMBSHELL: Assassin Put Up to Target John Bolton Was Actually an FBI Informant

Back in August 2022, the Justice Department revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation  (FBI) FBI had foiled an Iranian attempt to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton in response to the US government’s killing of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps–Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.

However, it turns out that the “hitman” hired to target Bolton was actually an FBI informant. This was reported on the night of November 12, 2023 by 60 Minutes, which casually reported that fact and treated the assassination plot as a legitimate action.

“Lucky for Bolton, the assassin was an FBI informant,” 60 Minutes reported, portraying the assassination plot as a credible threat.

However, DOJ charging papers illustrated that the “plot” was largely fabricated, and that Bolton was never actually in danger. On top of that, the DOJ has asserted that the man who attempted hiring the FBI informant was a part of Iran’s IRGC-QF, but charging papers demonstrated that investigators never confirmed this claim.

Moreover, it turns out that a key FBI official presiding over this manufactured assassination plot was Steven D’Antuono. He was the same official who was in charge of the Detroit field office during the sketchy Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot prior to being transferred to head the DC field office during the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol.

Per the DOJ charging papers, the man who attempted to assassinate Bolton is an Iranian national Shahram Poursafi. The Iranian national was charged but has not been arrested thus far, this is largely due to speculation that he is still living in Iran.

FBI special agent Randi Beck declared in an affidavit that he believes Poursafi is a member of the IRGC-QF owing to how he “did not deny” the connection, and because he discovered one picture of Poursafi donning a jacket with an IRGC-QF patch. The FBI provided no additional evidence that Poursafi is actually a member of the IRGC-QF.

Beck’s affidavit noted that Poursafi first reached out to a person online—going by the name “Individual A”— in November 2021, requesting him to take photos of Bolton for a “book” the Iranian was writing. Individual A subsequently reached out to the FBI informant, who began multiple months of dialogue with Poursafi.

“The [informant] asked POURSAFI to be direct about his request so there was no misunderstanding as to what POURSAFI had requested. POURSAFI responded that he wanted ‘the guy’ purged or eliminated. POURSAFI then clarified that [Bolton] was the target,” Beck’s affidavit noted.

In December 2021, the FBI informant took pictures of Bolton—with Bolton fully knowing of and consenting to this action—and sent them to Poursafi, Beck asserted in his affidavit.

Poursafi and the FBI informant would talk about payment over the next few months. Poursafi initially said that he could pay the informant prior to the completion of the hit job, but then later reversed and wanted to have Bolton killed first.

By April 2022, Poursafi apparently grew tired of the FBI informant.

“POURSAFI informed the CHS that if the CHS did not complete the second assassination, his group had others prepared to finish the operation,” Beck’s affidavit noted.

The FBI informant replied by requesting for a $100 payment, with the aim of demonstrating that the Iranian national could send him money.

Records revealed that Poursafi made the $100 payment, and the FBI subsequently finished its investigation.

Several months later, D’Antuono boasted about the successful foiling of the Bolton assassination plot.

“An attempted assassination of a former U.S. Government official on U.S. soil is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” stated D’Antuono, who has since retired.

“The FBI will continue to identify and disrupt any efforts by Iran or any hostile government seeking to bring harm or death to U.S. persons at home or abroad. This should serve as a warning to any others attempting to do the same.”

To this day, Bolton still has Secret Service protection owing to the plot against him, he said to 60 Minutes.

This bogus assassination plot is just another lame attempt by the DC regime to draw the US into a conflict with Iran. Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the blatant lies that pro-Zionist lobbies have been spreading over the years with respect to Iran. 

People aren’t that gullible anymore thanks to the rise of alternative media that challenges Zionist narratives on major events. The more these media outlets thrive, the less likely these nefarious forces are able to get away with drawing the US into unnecessary conflicts in the Middle East.

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