BONE Chilling: FBI Pays Government Contractor to Spy On Americans

According to a report by Ken Macon of Reclaim the Net, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was exposed for funding a controversial spying tool. The tool, known as “Landmark,” was bought by a contractor from NSO, an Israeli hacking firm, so that it could be used by the United States government despite the US having implemented a national blacklist of the tool a few days before.

NSO has received considerable attention from the media following recent reports showcasing its sketchy behavior. The Biden regime restricted NSO after exorbitant abuse of its spyware by governments across the globe. Riva Network is the notorious contractor implicated in this scandal.

NSO built Landmark, which allowed US officials to surveil individuals in Mexico. 

The FBI claimed that Riva Networks engaged in misleading behavior, which propelled it to end its contract once these harsh realities were uncovered.

While the Biden regime has announced a crackdown against these practices, the NSO has circumvented these restrictions and continues conducting business. 

Riva Networks and its CEO, Robin Gamble, have been silent on this matter.  

NSO has been shrouded by nothing but controversy. NSO’s Pegasus software achieved infamy in multiple international scandals spanning authoritarian governments conducting espionage on journalists to democracies infiltrating human rights activists and dissident organizations. The Biden regime has blacklisted the company, however it continues to operate in the gray zone .

Riva Networks has multiple lucrative contracts with US government agencies, which includes the FBI and the Defense Department. When it comes to the FBI’s relationship with Riva Networks, it’s tight to say the least. Riva Networks facilitated the FBI’s purchase of the spyware Pegasus. On paper, the US government does not use Pegasus spyware. 

However, Macon noted that this spyware tool is still being used abroad, as highlighted below: 

Yet, the adverse effects of such tools’ abuses have continued. Saud al-Qahtani, a leading advisor to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, utilized Landmark to track dissidents amid the sweeping disciplinary campaign within the kingdom. These actions only highlight the terrifying potential of such tools in the hands of malicious handlers and governments.

The FBI shows yet again why it’s such a putrid organization. In addition, Riva Networks also demonstrates how unethical companies have become both in their corporate practices and the relationships they forge with unconstitutional government agencies. 

In light of such developments, now more than ever, right-wing nationalists must be ready to punish both private and public actors who engage in nefarious behavior. 

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