Border Migrants Demand Biden Grant Amnesty – Wearing Biden Campaign Shirts!

Asylum seekers demonstrated at the San Ysidro border crossing south of California on Wednesday, urging Joe Biden to provide them with immigration amnesty. The migrants were wearing Joe Biden campaign shirts, in a nod to Biden’s pledges to grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal immigrants.

The Biden administration has already suspended President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy, in which economic migrants trying to game the US immigration system were required to wait adjudication of their cases in Mexico. This prevented rampant immigration fraud, with migrants frequently going missing after lodging their initial claim in the court system.

Biden has already admitted thousands of migrants waiting to enter the US under the Remain in Mexico policy, but the pace he’s moving at is insufficient for the tens of thousands of people waiting at the border. One of the migrants in Biden’s campaign shirts admitted she had come to the border for economic purposes.What I want is to enter (the United States) and to be given the opportunity for my son to study, to move on.” Low quality of education systems in an applicant’s country is not accepted as a valid claim to asylum in the United States.

Biden has a strong constituency of support with illegal immigrants, who form a strong majority of the economic migrants who cross the southern border and are ultimately deported. However, under Biden’s “America Last” approach of open borders, it’s likely that the migrants will ultimately be granted residency, welfare, and possibly more if they’re granted asylee status.

Biden administration officials have denied the existence of a ‘crisis’ at the border, even with Customs and Border Patrol officials projecting that over 100,000 illegal alien minors will reach the border in May alone, hoping to take advantage of Biden’s open borders and globalist policies.

Under America Last, the interests of citizens are no longer the ultimate priority.

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