Border Patrol Apprehended 189,000 Migrants At Southern Border in 1st Month of Fiscal Year 2024

United States Border Patrol agents apprehended close to 190,000 migrants in the first month of Fiscal Year 2024. According to a recent report by US Customs and Border Protection, 188,778 migrants were apprehended at the southern border in October.

For perspective, during former President Donald Trump’s last October in office, agents apprehended just 69,032 migrants who illegally entered the country between ports of entry.

The apprehensions consist of 93,650 single adults, 84,412 family units, and 10,716 unaccompanied minors, per the report’s revelations.

One concern from the October report is the continuing increase in migrant crossings in the Tucson Sector. In the first month of the new fiscal year, Border Patrol agents apprehended over 55,000 migrants. According to Bob Price of Breitbart News, this figure represents roughly a 141% increase over 2022’s reported apprehension of close to 23,000 migrants.

This scene is all too commonplace along the US’s southern border with Mexico. The Biden regime has made lax border and interior immigration enforcement a hallmark of its immigration policy. As a result, the US has become a magnet for immigration worldwide. 

This process will inevitably destroy the US as a coherent nation. A strong nationalist force that will impose patriotic immigration reforms — ending birthright citizenship, repealing chain migration, imposing an immigration moratorium — is the only political movement that can restore some semblance of sanity at the border. 

If no one is able to step up to the plate and address this matter, we can kiss the Historic American Nation goodbye. 

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