Border Security Expert Explains How Technology Can Be Used to Stop Drug Cartels While Limiting Costs

Christie Hutcherson of Women Fighting for America appeared on Big League Politics Live to discuss her efforts fighting to secure the border.

Hutcherson spent over 10 months at the border with a team of experts talking to border patrol agents gathering intel. Her team has been doing the work that the Biden administration is unwilling to do in order to keep America safe amidst a border crisis that is bringing disease and crime from the third world over to the U.S.

“We’ve come up with a solution…of how we can come alongside and help facilitate the apprehension and stopping of the serious players – we’re talking the terrorists, the drug cartels, the drug trafficking, the human trafficking, the exploitation of the children,” Hutcherson said.

“The numbers that they’re telling you on the TV are all lies. They’re not the truth. The getaway numbers right now, we are estimating over a million plus,” she added.

Hutcherson explained that these getaways consist of terrorists, drug cartel members, human traffickers and other lowlifes who are getting set free and let into the U.S. due to the Biden administration’s lax policies.

“I work with highly-trained, highly-sophisticated operations, boots on the ground, rapid response team, Kennedy International. They have highly-trained individuals, not only from a military perspective and a law enforcement perspective but psychological training as well,” she said.

“They come alongside of our drone team… They have the highest-rated drone pilots in the world… We used about 50 different types of drones, and each of them have a very unique capability. Whether it’s geothermal tracking, whether it’s night vision, we can literally pick up a hair follicle on the ground,” Hutcherson added.

She explained that the federal government uses predator drones on the border, which are not suitable for keeping the border safe. Their technology is out-of-date as well, and she hopes her firm can help them get with the times.

“We can also boomerang… We can track these drug cartels three or four hundred miles inland to the honeypot nest, and break up these huge drug trafficking rings as well. It’s a complicated system but it looks like child’s play because of the crew that we have deployed,” Hutcherson said.

The full BLP Live video can be seen here:

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