Brazil, China, and India Abstain from United Nations Vote Criticizing Russian Annexation

After controversially annexing four regions in Ukraine via referendums, Russia stared down the barrel of a United Nations resolution — co-sponsored by Ukraine and the United States — that condemned this move. 

Russia ended up vetoing the resolution on September 30, 2022. In addition, Brazil, China, India, and Gabon abstained from the vote. The introduction of the resolution came right after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech where he announced the polemical annexation moves.

“This is exactly what the Security Council was made to do. Defend sovereignty, protect territorial integrity, promote peace and security,” declared US ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. Thomas-Greenfield added that “The United Nations was built on an idea that never again would one country be allowed to take another’s territory by force.”

Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia responded to Ukraine and the US’s maneuver by observing that it was an unprecedented decision to attempt to criticize a permanent member of the Security Council.

“Do you seriously expect Russia to consider and support such a draft? And if not, then it turns out that you are intentionally pushing us to use the right of the veto in order to then wax lyrical about the fact that Russia abuses this right,” he stated.

Brazil’s, China’s, and India’s decision to abstain from this move shows that the emerging powers in the developing world are not down with the Collective West’s unipolar agenda of browbeating the rest of the world. The multipolar world is unfolding before our very eyes. This means that every heavy-handed move the US and its satrapies in the Collective West pursue will be met with significant resistance. 

The realm of geopolitics has a tendency of going back to equilibrium and the West is currently getting a heavy dose of reality. There comes a point when Western policymakers have to realize that so-called “liberal democracy” and LGBT degeneracy cannot be spread abroad via gunpoint or NGO subversion.


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