Brazil’s Political Class Put Forward Laws to Criminalize Criticism of Vaccines

According to a report by Christina Maas of Reclaim the Net, there are at least six pieces of legislation in Brazil’s National Congress that would lead to the criminalization of online content that promotes vaccine skepticism and disseminating “false” information.

Brazilian Senator Angelo Coronel introduced bills that would impose criminal penalties on people who stand against mandatory vaccination for adolescents and children during a “public health emergency.” The punishment involves a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years.

The proposals would also impose 2 to 8 year prison sentences on adults who reject mandatory vaccinations. A similar punishment would be imposed on individuals who disseminate vaccine “misinformation.”

The penalties will be increased twofold if the offender is a government employee. The legislative items were updated in December 2022 and the Legislative Secretariat of the Federal Senate confirmed their continuity. 

On the Brazilian Senate’s website, online users discussed the proposals. These bills were rejected by 92% of Internet users.

Some other legislative proposals criminalize the falsification of vaccination status and the use of fabricated vaccination applications.

With Lula in charge as president, Brazil is clearly on the path to tyranny. The biosecurity state is an international project that aims to fully engulf the entire planet. It must be resisted at all costs if any of our traditional freedoms are to be preserved. The Brazilian case just shows the lengths the globalist class will go to universalize their unholy project. 

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