BREAKING – Ashton Whitty’s Twitter Account Hacked And Her Followers Deleted

Conservative commentator Ashton Whitty (username @Ashtonbirdie) had her Twitter account hacked into and her followers deleted.

In the immediate aftermath of this event, Whitty’s follower count is still a fraction of where it was. I confirmed that I am no longer following Whitty, even though I was, and I had to manually re-follow her.

“I checked my email and Twitter told me I changed my password, which I did not. I did not change my password. Apparently somebody de-activated my account. I changed the password, logged back in, and every single one of my followers was gone,” Whitty told Big League Politics in an interview. 

Whitty said she noticed that she is getting many less interactions on her tweets.

Whitty had 29,600 followers. As of 3:26 PM, she had 456, due to people re-following her with help from others.

“I emailed Twitter. No response,” Whitty said about half an hour after re-activating her account.

“I’m like at 500, it’s nowhere compared to where I was. The last thing I tweeted today was about Paul [Joseph Watson], and censorship oddly enough,” Whitty told BLP.

Re-activated Twitter accounts are supposed to restore the user’s followers in full within two hours. We will continue monitoring this situation.

Here is the Big League Politics interview with Whitty shortly after she dropped out of the University of California at Berkeley to pursue conservative activism:


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