BREAKING: Epstein Denied Bail, Will Stay Behind Bars Until Trial

Epstein Denied Bail

Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy convicted sex offender facing new child trafficking charges, was denied bail and will remain behind bars until his trial.

Epstein was denied bail today by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in a New York court. The prosecution cited Epstein’s phony passport and love of jet-setting around the globe while persuading the judge to make his decision.

The Associated Press reported:

The federal judge’s ruling means Epstein will remain behind bars while he fights charges that he exploited dozens of girls in New York and Florida in the early 2000s.

“I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community,” U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said Thursday.

The defense had argued he should be allowed to await trial under house arrest with electronic monitoring at his $77 million Manhattan mansion. They said he wouldn’t run and was willing to pledge a fortune of at least $559 million as collateral.

A Saudi Arabian passport with his face paired with an assumed name was discovered in Epstein’s possession when federal authorities raided his New York mansion.

Big League Politics reported:

Federal investigators say they have found a fake Saudi Arabian passport with an alias alongside mounds of cash in convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s New York City mansion, as their case goes stronger against the Democratic Party-connected predator.

Epstein allegedly obtained the passport in the 1980s, and it had only recently expired before it was found by the feds. It has been widely speculated that Epstein’s connections shielded him from justice for all these years despite widespread knowledge of his illicit activities, and the Saudi passport may be the key to finally getting some real answers about who protected Epstein.

The prosecution claimed this fake passport clearly made Epstein a flight risk, as he is apparently able to obtain fraudulent documents that could allow him to escape the reach of the federal government, even if released on house arrest.

Epstein had previously offered his mansion and several of his family’s assets in an attempt to be released on house arrest.

Prosecution also claimed the case against Epstein is “getting stronger every single day” as more evidence against Epstein is gathered and more victims come forward.

Epstein is accused of sexually abusing and trafficking multiple teenage girls in the late 1990s and early 2000s. President Bill Clinton famously flew on Epstein’s private jet, dubbed The Lolita Express, at least 26 times.

This is a breaking story. Big League Politics will continue to provide updates regarding this story and the criminal case against Epstein.

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