BREAKING: GoFundMe Launches To Support The Covington Catholic Students Under Attack By The Media

A GoFundMe is now active to raise money to help the Covington Catholic high school students who have been attacked by the mainstream media, doxxed, and subjected to violent threats. (HERE’S THE LINK).

The students were peacefully attending the March For Life when they were confronted by a Native activist named Nathan Phillips, who previously appeared in a Skrillex music video about attacking police and whose own fundraising attempt is being promoted by big-money left-wing interests.

The Covington students could file lawsuits in their defense if they are expelled or can prove libel on the part of the mainstream media, which is accusing them of harassing the Native man. The GoFundMe, established by the Philadelphia-based Trending Views media organization, has set a goal of $1 million to help the students.

Here is what the GoFundMe states:

“Students from Covington Catholic high school have been criticised in fake news stories because they were wearing political hats that represent President Donald Trump. If they were not wearing the hats, then they would not be under attack right now.

The stories published by mainstream media have thrown these kids under the bus, some without publishing the videos showing evidence that contradict their stories.

It’s a shame that people are attacking children over a hat. How about watching the videos and then coming to your own conclusion?

I am outraged and embarrassed by what the mainstream media has become. You’re all about ratings, even if it means ruining the lives of teenagers.

Disgraceful behavior.”

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