Judge Moore Files Defamation Claim, Requests Jury Trial

Late yesterday, attorneys representing Judge Roy Moore filed claims for slander and defamation against Leigh Corfman, and demanded a public trial by jury.

“This is and has been a political attempt to smear the good name and reputation of Judge Roy Moore and we will not let their injustice continue,” said Melissa Isaak, one of Moore’s attorneys. “Yesterday we filed claims for slander and defamation against Leigh Corfman, and claimed damages for attorneys fees under the Alabama Litigation Accountability Act.”

Strangely, Corfman has requested to remove the case to a different county from where she and the judge reside. In a defamation suit, an innocent defendant would usually prefer to file suit in a county where his or her high esteem is highly documented.

“We also continue to argue that this case should be tried in Etowah County and wonder why Leigh Corfman has chosen to file this case in Montgomery and not Etowah County, where both she and Judge Moore reside, and where her own character and reputation are well-known,” said Isaak.

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Corfman accused Judge Moore of unwanted sexual advances when she was a minor more than 30 years ago. Criminal charges were never filed.

This is the first major step the judge has taken in clearing his name.


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