BREAKING: Libertarian Party Will Not Allow Ron Paul To Speak At Their Convention

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul will not be allowed to speak at the Libertarian National Convention.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is also not welcome at the convention in a speaking role. The convention is set for New Orleans from June 30 to July 3.

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus head Michael Heise had a text conversation with the party’s convention chairman Daniel Hayes in which Heise inquired as to whether Paul should be allowed to speak at the convention.

Hayes said that Paul is “definitely out,” because he said Paul “has no idea what the LP represents.”

Here is a screenshot of Hayes’ response, courtesy of 71 Republic:

Ron Paul supporter Alice Salles has been covering the Paul movement’s effective banishment from Libertarian institutions, which are increasingly embracing globalism and open borders, in contrast to Paul’s nationalist libertarianism.

Salles wrote for Big League Politics in a piece entitled “Cato Institute Attacks Ron Paul Supporters While Facebook Blocks Them From Posting”:

On April 19, The Cato Institute vice president of research Brink Lindsey tweeted his dislike for former congressman Ron Paul for his “hideous corruption of libertarian ideas.” Accusing the most important member of the Libertarian movement of spreading ideas that “[put] his movement in the Trumpism family tree,” the Cato scholar accused both the president and the former presidential candidate of being xenophobic…

But to Paul supporters who have been paying attention to the Texas obstetrician and his decades of anti-collectivist activism, the idea that one of the most peace-oriented free marketers in recent history is anything close to xenophobic didn’t sit well.

It was with that sentiment in mind that author Alex Witoslawski wrote a piece denouncing Lindsey and highlighting his “long history of promoting views at odds with the grassroots libertarians.” Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, pointed to an October 2002 Reason piece by Lindsey entitled “No more 9/11s: The case for invading Iraq.”

But as soon as Witoslawski’s article went live on April 21st, something went incredibly wrong as countless Facebook users reported being momentarily blocked from making certain posts once they shared Witoslawski’s piece on the social media network.

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