BREAKING: Mass Shooter STOPPED by Law Enforcement in Texas

Texas law enforcement appear to have thwarted yet another mass shooting, taking a suspect into custody on Thursday.

The suspect had told his grandmother that he planned to “shoot up” an area hotel and commit suicide in July. The man’s grandmother convinced him to allow her to take him to a hospital for mental health treatment instead, placing him on the radar of Texas authorities.

William Patrick Williams, 19, was arrested by ATF and FBI special agents at the hotel for acquiring a firearm under false pretenses. Williams had misrepresented his address on a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check) form, stating that he resided with relatives, when he had in fact moved to a different address. Falsely listing an address on a gun transaction firearm form is a serious criminal offense.

Williams had filled out the form when purchasing an AK-style rifle in July. He had been planning to use the rifle for a massacre at the unnamed hotel. Law enforcement acted swiftly when Williams booked a room at the hotel, and when they raided the room, they discovered seventeen loaded magazines, several knifes, tactical clothing, and a t-shirt with the ominous message of ‘Let Em’ Come.”

U.S Attorney Nealy Cox has described the situation as “a tragedy adverted.” Two mass shootings occurred nationally on the weekend of August 2-4th, and if not for the authorities’ swift arrest of Williams, a third may have taken place.

Big League Politics will continue to monitor the situation.

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