Paul Ryan’s PAC Elected Democrat Conor Lamb

In the most astonishingly bone-headed move since nominating Mitt Romney for President, the GOP establishment spent major cash to help elect Democrat Conor Lamb in last night’s highly contested PA-18 special election.

Yes, you read that right. Failed Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and his Congressional Leadership Fund pushed a Democrat to victory over a Republican with direct mail advertising touting support “for our Second Amendment Rights.”

I’ll repeat that again. A so-called GOP PAC led by Paul Ryan spent thousands of dollars in a direct mail campaign to convince voters that Conor Lamb was a conservative who would protect American’s gun rights in Congress.

Here’s the shocking mailer:

There you have it. A mailer, paid for by Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund, portrays a staunch defender of gun rights and would confuse many independent voters. It makes Conor Lamb looks like Charleston Heston. It’s almost as if Ryan’s PAC was trying to help the Democrat win.

Making the move even more idiotic (or potentially sinister), the entire Democrat strategy was selling Lamb as a “conservative.” In a district that voted for Trump, the Dems knew that their only hope to win the seat was to trick enough voters into believing that Lamb wasn’t the typical leftist.

And it worked, thanks to Paul Ryan.

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