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BREAKING: Report on Google-Facebook-Twitter Censorship Entered Into Congressional Record



Americans For Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) compiled a report on how Silicon Valley tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter censor them, and the report is now officially part of the congressional record.

Republican Iowa congressman Steve King introduced ALIPAC’s 12-page dossier into the congressional record Thursday amid continued reports from citizens that social media companies are censoring their speech online. ALIPAC is specifically targeting the reasons for the artificially declining web traffic prevalent among conservative and independent websites.

Here is the ALIPAC report, which reads in opening: “We believe our organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is being severely censored, hampered, and abused by the Silicon Valley corporations of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which publicly oppose and lobby against our positions while simultaneously providing us with unequal services based on our political creed which can be defined by our support for America’s existing border and immigration laws and our opposition to any form of Amnesty for illegal aliens which these companies all support.”

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ALIPAC president William Gheen stated: “The reason our racially inclusive non-violent illegal immigration fighting political organization is now fighting Silicon Valley censorship is because these companies have taken steps to force vastly inferior products and services upon ALIPAC. Collectively, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are cutting off our air and severely restricting the reach, impact, and influence of our national organization in a way that costs us access to potential volunteers, donors, candidates, lawmakers, and voters. We believe their goal is to destroy our organization in a partisan effort to affect the outcome of US elections for Democrats and pro-Amnesty Republicans, and pass legislation providing Amnesty to millions of illegals they support through massive, expensive lobbying efforts in DC.”

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Here is the text of William Gheen’s letter to Google/Youtube management. He also sent similar letters to Facebook and Twitter:


This letter is to inform you that our 12-page report to Congress and the US media regarding Silicon Valley censorship, which includes detailed information about our problems with Google and YouTube, has now been submitted into the Congressional Record on October 10, 2018.

We hope that you will now honor our request to remove any shadow bans, censorship, or unequal products and services being applied to us (ALIPAC, William Gheen, Americans for Legal Immigration) and our websites (,, and due to our political stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty legislation in DC for which your company spends extensive amounts of funds to lobby.

We are detailing each issue below for your review and correction.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has built and maintains the world’s largest archive of articles and information about “illegal immigration” at our primary website

ALIPAC is a racially inclusive, non-violent, political activism organization with the highest levels of free speech protections under American laws. We decry racism, and our publicly stated mission is to unify Americans of all races, genders, and walks of life against illegal immigration.

If your restrictions and censorship are the result of false claims by Soros backed left-wing organizations, please contact us for the truth.

We are including a full copy of our 12-page report with this certified letter, and while we wish, but doubt, you will ever restore the 115 videos and inbound links a hacktivist working with Google employees nuked on our ALIPAC1 YouTube account on Jan 12, 2012, when Google gave control of the account to another email instead of [email protected] without our consent, we do hope you will correct the following.

Item 1:

Please restore the presence and listing of our websites, and into Google searches on “illegal immigration,” or contact us to explain what technical issues would lead to Google banning all three sites from our most important search term “illegal immigration” when we used to occupy page one on Google and still occupy page one on rival search engines. We are the world’s largest archive of information on the topic of “illegal Immigration” and would like you to remove the ban on our sites.

Item 2: Please remove all restrictions, cyber censorship, and shadow bans on our website and our YouTube channel ALIPAC1 which has caused our 90% drop in views. Please allow us to advertise videos again at ALIPAC1 and to do Go Live videos through our ALIPAC1 YouTube channel. We don’t care about monetization issues.

Item 3: Please remove all restrictions and modifications on our websites put in place by Google, Google employees, or Google subcontractors that would reduce our web traffic or restrict web traffic from Americans who share our aversion to illegal immigration from reaching our sites, joining our sites, or donating to ALIPAC.

We have done all in our power to make sure and our other sites comply with Google rules and suggestions involving mobile device usability and best practices. Please contact us with any questions or recommendations on how to improve our performance through your services and products.

Thank you for your consideration of these important matters affecting the Civil Rights of our organization’s supporters.

William Gheen


Josh Hawley Introduces Resolution Against China’s New National Security Law to Punish Hong Kong

Hawley is focusing intently on the red menace.



Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) introduced a resolution on Thursday to oppose China’s new national security law meant to punish Hong Kong and quash their ongoing rebellion against the totalitarian communist state.

Hawley has long been an advocate of Hong Kong freedom protesters throughout their struggle against Chinese tyranny, which has been sidelined in large part due to the ever-so-convenient Wuhan virus outbreak. Hawley visited Hong Kong last year to talk to the people on the ground and gave a rousing floor speech highlighting their historic struggle.

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He said during his speech: “I want to share something that the reverend Chu Yiu-ming said about liberty about democracy. He says it so beautifully. These are his words: “We strive for democracy because democracy strives for freedom and equality and universal love. Political freedom is more than loyalty to a state. Political freedom professes human dignity. Every single person living in a community possesses unique potentials and unique powers capable of making a unique contribution to society.”’

“That’s extraordinary and he’s exactly right, and Hongkonger’s know it, and that’s what they’re standing for, and that’s what they’re fighting for,” Hawley added. “And, Mr. President, the people of Hong Kong deserve our support, and they are depending on our support.”

China announced yesterday that they were passing a edict meant to crush dissent in Hong Kong, with no input allowed from the city itself. China has paid lip service regarding Hong Kong’s autonomy for decades, but they are now removing the facade completely.

“Beijing has opted for the most risky route,” said Ho-Fung Hung, who works as a professor of international relations for Johns Hopkins University. “It will show the world that ‘one country, two systems’ is, if not already over, almost over.”

“It will be very difficult for anyone, especially the United States, to say Hong Kong is still autonomous and viable,” Hung added.

China is denying that they are taking control over Hong Kong and putting out communist propaganda that their Draconian power-grab will actually improve relations.

“We will ensure the long-term stability of ‘one country, two systems,’ ” said Wang Yang, leader of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which convenes every year to advise the Chinese government.

“We will continue to support the improvement of the implementation of the systems and mechanisms of the constitution and Basic Law,” he added.

It is unlikely that anyone is willing to believe the Chinese lip service at this point. Hawley is also calling on the globalist United Nations to pass a resolution condemning China’s behavior as well.

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