LIVE COVERAGE YOUTUBE HQ SHOOTING: Police Confirm Female Suspect Is Dead, By Apparent Suicide

Reports are surfacing on Twitter of an active shooter at the YouTube HQ.

The story is developing and we will update you as news comes in.

See updates below the live video below. All timestamps in Pacific Time.


2:32PM: San Francisco General Hospital reports 3 victims, two females, one is fair condition aged 27, one in serious condition aged 32 and one male aged 36 in critical condition

The spokesman hinted that these were being treated for gun shots wounds.

2:28 PM: NBC News is reporting that a female suspect is dead, Fox News reports she killed herself

2:19 PM: Shooter is “down” according to county official and area is secure according to Fox News. Others sources confirming that the shooter is deceased.

2:11 PM: Fox News reports that the coroner is en route to the scene, also reporting that it could have started with a woman shooting her boyfriend

1:47 PM Pacific: ABC7 in San Francisco is reporting the suspect is a white woman wearing a headscarf who could be in police custody

1:44 PM Pacific: Google released this tweet:

1:36 PM Pacific: San Francisco General Hospital spokesman Brent Andrew has confirmed the hospital has received multiple victims of gun shots from the incident.

A YouTube employee tweeted this:

Another Twitter user posted this photo of the apparent shooting:

A report from someone who has evacuated who says he saw blood:

We will keep you updated as this situation develops.

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