BREAKING: Unelected NY Gov. Signs Orwellian Gun Restrictions Into Law, Establishes Social Media ‘Task Force’

In the left’s latest attempt to pass gun control restrictions on law-abiding citizens, unelected New York Governor Kathy Hochul just signed sweeping new measures into law, including social media monitoring.

“In the state of New York, we’re now requiring social media networks to monitor and report hateful conduct on their platforms,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said in a Monday news conference.

Of course, by “hateful,” Hochul means companies like Twitter and Facebook must report the content her party deems “offensive.” Which is all speech that is not politically correct in other words.

Senate Bill S9465 takes this notion further by establishing a “task force on social media and violent extremism.” Now, those suspected of “bias-related violence and intimidation” must be reported to the New York attorney general.

“We’re raising the age of semi-automatic weapons so no 18-year-old can walk in on their birthday and walk out with an AR-15,” she added – WATCH:

Thanks to Hochul, New York Senate Bill S9458 will now prohibit anyone under 21 from buying or possessing a semi-automatic rifle. This is a massive shift in law considering just yesterday anyone in New York State over 16 could buy and possess long guns ranging from shotguns to rifles.

These new measures come in the wake of the recent shootings in Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, Texas. As they are a part of the left’s unapologetic attempt to use tragedy to fuel their pro-gun control, anti-2A policies.

“This is a moral moment for the people of New York but also the rest of the nation,” Hochul said in her speech. “Follow what we did here in New York, and we’ll finally start to be at the beginning of the end of all this gun violence and the massacres that are occurring every day in our country.”

In an attempt to lead the nation in how it defines firearms, Hochul also signed Senate Bill S9456 into law, which changes the definition to include “any other weapon that is not otherwise defined containing any component that provides housing or a structure designed to hold or integrate any fire control component that is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of explosive”

This bill works hand-in-hand with Senate Bill S9407B, which prevents citizens from purchasing body armor and bulletproof vests.

Now “any other weapon” is vaguely defined by the state of New York – WATCH:

To add to New York’s latest Orwellian decrees, Senate Bill 4116A enacts microstamping technology, which effectively bypasses ballistics tests. This is because bullets are now required to be “microstamped” with identifying information that is unique to its source gun.

Lastly, Senate Bill S9113A, perhaps the most expansive “red flag” law in the country, “authorizes the filing of an application for an extreme risk protection order by a licensed physician, licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, certified clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, registerered professional nurse, licensed master social worker or licensed mental health counselor who has examined the person against whom the order is sought.”

Notice that there are no limiting principles under this new law. A clear violation of American fundamental due process.

All of these new measures only punish law-abiding gun owners, further decreasing their capabilities to defend themselves. New York just set a scary precedent.

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