BREAKING: West Virginia Terror Suspect Wanted to ‘Kill the President of the United States’

The West Virginia State Police were forced to close traffic on Interstate 68 for several hours early today after a suspected anti-Trump terrorist attack was thwarted on the highway. One suspect is currently being detained for their alleged role in the incident.

“As a result of the investigation based on a traffic stop that occurred earlier this morning, it had been discovered that threats were made to kill the President of the United States and to blow up the Pentagon. A search of the vehicle revealed a firearm and an explosive powder. A 42-year-old male has been detained for questioning. WVSP in conjunction with the FBI and Secret Service are continuing to investigate,” a spokesman from the West Virginia State Police said.

Scanner reports show that Secret Service personnel arrived at the scene shortly after the highway was closed. An agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was at the scene as well and an “apparatus” from Hagerstown, Maryland was used to ensure the public safety before the road way was opened back up this afternoon.

“I can confirm the FBI is currently assisting our law enforcement partners on this incident. I do not have any other information to release,” said Catherine Policicchio, spokeswoman for the FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office.

It is rumored that the device which caused so much commotion could have been a dirty bomb, but that has currently been confirmed by authorities. Authorities closed down a stunning 16 miles of highway in West Virginia and Maryland so they certainly did not take this threat lightly.

Independent journalist Cory Groshek has followed the story from the start and issued many updates on Twitter while listening to local Preston County, WV police dispatch.

If the West Virginia state police are correct and this individual did intend to harm President Trump with a terrorist attack, it certainly shows how deranged propaganda of the fake news – like the Russian collusion hoax that dominated headlines for over two years – can inspire hatred and violence in sick people.