Brexit is On! Parliament Approves Boris Johnson’s Plan for UK to Leave EU

The British Parliament has approved a final plan to enact Brexit on Friday in the wake of a landslide Conservative victory, in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to deliver on the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union. Brexit had been held up by liberals in the British Parliament hoping to remain in the EU.

Members of Parliament voted to approve the Brexit terms by a decisive vote of 358 to 234.

The United Kingdom is now slated to legally depart the European Union on January 31st. It’ll remain a member of the EU in all but name during a transition period that lasts until the end of 2020.

Many British conservatives and euroskeptics had begun to doubt that Brexit would actually happen after it was delayed seemingly endlessly by Labour and pro-Remain elements in Parliament. But the Friday vote appears to set the UK on a clear-cut path to actually follow through on the people’s will, expressed in the 2016 referendum.

The decisive victory of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party in this month’s general election has provided the impetus to actually enact Brexit. The Tories destroyed socialist Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, achieving the largest Tory majority in the UK since the 1980’s.

‘Father of Brexit’ Nigel Farage spoke of the development in approving terms.

A real departure of Britain from the European Union will provide a boost to nationalists and patriots throughout the western world. Other movements in support of national sovereignty in Europe have already been emboldened by the decision to leave the globalist European Union.


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