Britain Charges 7 People for Thought Crimes Following New Zealand Mosque Rampage

As a wave of Islam-inspired knife crime sweeps their nation, British authorities are focusing their resources on stopping thought crimes made over social media.

Seven individuals have been arrested for making posts on social media deemed by authorities to be “hate speech.” One individual apparently called the terrorist assailant who massacred 50 Muslims in a spree killing last week a “hero” for his violent actions against Islam.

Snitches reported 11 incidents of offensive behavior to the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), who snapped into action to enforce Big Brother restrictions against freedom of speech.

“In one example a man uses truly offensive words to describe Muslims, hoping Muslims die and saying the attacker is his hero,” said Russ Jackson, who works as assistant chief constable of GMP, to the BBC.

“The tiny number of people who chose to make horrible comments are isolated. Put simply, it’s time for some decency, some understanding and some tolerance,” Jackson added, clearly proud of himself for helping to enforce the Orwellian Nightmare for diversity and multiculturalism.

Britain is following in the cowardly steps of the Australian and New Zealand governments in using the terror attacks as an excuse to extinguish freedom of expression.

Australia’s top telecom company censored certain websites they arbitrarily deemed unacceptable for public consumption:

A New Zealand teenager faces up to 14 years in prison for merely sharing the video of the shooting:

The feminist New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that she will be quickly enacting Draconian gun control measures while the public is still traumatized from the shooting and media propaganda campaign that followed.

Terrorist Brenton Tarrant wrote in his manifesto that his motive was acceleration. He wanted governments of the world to overreach and therefore radicalize more individuals into taking up arms. New Zealand, Australia and now even the United Kingdom are effectively doing the killer’s bidding as they wage total war against the freedoms of the people.

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