British Citizens are Instructed to Reduce Their Living Standards as Government Spends Millions Daily to House Refugees in Hotels

According to a report by Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News, British citizens are being instructed to lower their living standards while the government is spending  £4.7 million pounds on providing shelter to refugees in hotels.

On February 3, 2022, the Bank of England informed citizens to prepare for a steep fall in their living standards.

The Bank predicts GDP will fall while interest rates rise. In addition, the Bank projects that inflation will exceed 7%.

However, as Watson observed, the Home Office revealed that the cost was four times higher at £4.7 million a day due to a “drafting error.”

In a video that Watson posted, migrants were shown housed in hotels in trendy resorts.

As a result of this housing of migrants in hotels, Watson highlights that there has been an uptick of complaints about “aggressive behavior thefts, urinating in elevators and general chaos.”

“The U.K. government is therefore spending £1.3 billion a year on housing prospective asylum seekers, many of whom have arrived in the U.K. via the English Channel in dinghies last year,” ReMix News indicated in a report. “That figure rises to more than £1.7 billion when the resettlement of Afghans fleeing the Taliban is taken into account.”

Roughly 25,000 migrants are being housed in hotels being used as temporary housing. 

According to U.K. government data, only 10 migrants have been deported despite 28,000 entering the country in 2021.

Problems with mass migration afflict the entire West. It’s the key civilizational issue of our time, which will have massive implications for future generations. Undoubtedly, there is a ruling class that views its respective native populaces as expendable. These globalist elites do everything possible to displace their historic populations through mass migration.

The post-national mentality that permeates across the West is a product of an elite consensus which views historic national populations as afterthoughts. National populist movements that stress subsidiarity, strong national identities, and tradition are the only movements capable of breaking this globalist status quo and restoring order.

If the nationalists don’t win, the West will disappear as a coherent civilization.

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