British Home Secretary Priti Patel is Floating the Idea of Erasing Anonymity on Social Media Following Terror Attack on MP David Amess

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, announced on October 17, 2021 that social media users in the UK could face a fan on anonymous accounts. This announcement comes on the heels of the murder of Minister of Parliament Sir David Amess.

Ali Harbi Ali is the UK national of Somali origin who was arrested for the stabbing murder of Amess. The man of Somali origin was apparently radicalized by content found on the Internet and social media throughout the Wuhan virus lockdown. 

According to The Independent, Ali was in contact with the British government’s “Prevent deradicalisation programme”, but was not deemed a significant risk to attract the attention of security services. 

The father of Ali, Harbi Ali Kullane, formerly held a position as media spokesman for the prime minister of Somalia and was involved in campaigns mounted against the Islamist al-Shabaab group in Somalia.

Patel floated the idea of mandating sites such as Facebook and Twitter retain information of the identities of individuals posting content which could be sent to law enforcement investigating crimes. 

In an interview with Sky News on October 17, Patel was asked if she could put forward legislation to strip people of the right to anonymity online. Patel responded:  “I want us to look at everything and there is work taking place already.

She added,“I spend too much time with communities who have been under attack, who’ve had all sorts of postings put online and it’s a struggle to get those postings taken down. We want to make some big changes on that.”

Patel reassured skeptics by saying that restrictions on online anonymity would be  “proportionate and balanced.” In addition, she stated that MPs will receive stronger police presence at events they attend and was receptive to the idea of introducing metal detectors at functions that MPs attend. 

Instead of addressing the elephant in the living room that is mass migration, the British government is focusing on infringing on the rights of lawful British citizens. This has been a fixture in British politics, where the political class has responded to terror attacks with increased “knife control” and mass surveillance

It’s undeniable that one of the major costs associated with mass migration is the erosion of civil liberties. Once a terror attack committed by a migrant or a descendant of migrants goes down, there are invariably calls for heightened police state measures to keep the public “safe.” There is no consideration of the more bold, yet controversial idea of restricting immigration altogether.

Nevertheless, anarcho-tyranny is the standard operating procedure of the West, whereby lawful citizens are disproportionately harassed by the state while the state does nothing to pursue criminals and also enables criminal behavior.

If the West doesn’t get serious immigration, it will continue to be plagued by terrorist attacks.

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