British Lawmaker Proposes Anti-Discrimination Law to Protect Right-Wingers From De-Banking

British Conservative Member of Parliament Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg is advocating for a new law that will make it more difficult for banks to shut down right-wing individual’s accounts. 

This legislative proposal came at a time when many observers of British politics suspect that banks have been shutting down their clients’ accounts over their political views.

Rees-Mogg said to The Telegraph that although banks have the right to block accounts, “they are doing this in far too many cases.”

With the plummeting use of cash, an individual who doesn’t have a bank account is effectively a “non-citizen” or a “non-person,” he argued.

Per the report, Rees-Mogg plans on proposing an amendment to the Digital Markets Bill, that has the goal of stopping banks from discriminating against customers for their political views.

On top of that, this measure would force banks to let customers know why their accounts would be shut down within 30 days of their decision and give customers the right to demand compensation, the report stated.

“I would hope the government will take up this amendment. This is where the Government wants to be; it is helping their policy,” Rees-Mogg stated.

 Rees-Mogg’s proposal came at a time when former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage claimed he couldn’t find a bank that’s willing to hold his account in the UK.

In a video that he posted on YouTube on June 29, Farage said his bank had informed him they were going to shut down his account. He claimed that the bank provided no reason for shuttering his account, but speculated that rules concerning politically exposed persons (PEPs) may be one of the potential reasons for his debanking.

Overall, there’s a transnational war against the Right that the financial sector is waging. It’s one of the more unconventional ways that these actors are trying to muzzle individuals and organizations on the Right. As a result, the Right must be willing to adapt and pass legislation that limits corporate influence and punishes businesses and financial institutions that debank and cut business ties with right-wingers.  

These troubling times call for firm measures to combat the Left. 


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