British Voters Believe Illegal Immigration Problem Has Grown After Brexit

Record numbers of British voters now believe that illegal immigration has surged since the United Kingdom left the European Union according to a poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

Specifically, 56% of voters believe that illegal immigration has increased after the UK left the EU. By contrast, only 11% of voters believe that illegal immigration has fallen. Kurt Zindulka of Breitbart News observed that it’s difficult to determine the real number of illegal aliens present in the UK due to how the majority of illegal immigrants are typically made up of people overstaying their visas. This poll comes on the heels of 45,000 boat migrants illegally crossing the English Channel in 2022 — a record-breaking figure.

In addition, the poll revealed that 45% of voters believe that non-EU migration has surged since Brexit was consummated. By contrast, only 12% believe that non-EU migration has plummeted. 

Zindulka noted that in the last year, the UK witnessed the highest historical level of net immigration in, which was largely propelled by increases in the number of non-EU migrants entering the country. This increase has a public policy explanation, namely,  former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit points-based immigration.

704,000 of the 1.1 million visas granted to foreigners over the past year were issued to nationals outside of the EU, which was a marked increase from 379,000 in 2022. 

Originally, Brexit was seen as an opportunity for Britain to reassert control of its borders and bolster its national sovereignty. However, succeeding Tory governments have completely bungled the immigration question and have maintained the country’s mass migration status quo. At one point, Labor looked politically moribund, however it seems that the Tories have squandered a genuine opportunity to establish electoral hegemony in British politics. 

By ignoring the national question, the Tories have allowed Labor to gradually recover their political prospects. Beyond politics, the British ruling class’ inability to restrict immigration will result in the destruction of the Historic British Nation. Future generations will pay dearly for their reckless political class’s negligence on such a sensitive matter.

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