Brother of Parkland Victim Says David Hogg Is Lying About Why He Wasn’t Allowed To Speak

Hunter Pollack, brother of slain Parkland student Meadow Pollack, said that David Hogg is lying about why he was not allowed to speak at the March For Our Lives.

Hogg gave a vague explanation for why Hunter Pollack was not allowed to speak at the Washington march, saying it was due to a “miscommunication.” Not so, says Hunter Pollack.

The Pollack family’s inability to speak cast a pall over the rally, which featured David Hogg pumping his fist in the air in what seem people felt was an authoritarian gesture, and Emma Gonzalez giving a dramatic speech filled with Pinter-esque pauses.

Patrick Petty, another Parkland survivor who does not want to ban guns and says that Hogg never reached out to him after the shooting, agreed that there was no “miscommunication”:

Here is Meadow Pollack’s brother, the day of the event in Washington, reading part of the speech he was hoping to give in front of the crowd:

Meadow Pollack’s father Andrew Pollack said that he was headed to a lacrosse game the day of the march, instead of going to Hogg’s rally.

Hogg participated in some kind of “Ride For Meadow” bike ride in an attempt to shore up the public-relations fallout from banning Pollack’s family from speaking.

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