Bud Light Experiences Significant Dip in Sales After Dylan Mulvaney Incident

According to recently published industry figures, beer giant Bud Light has recently seen its sales dip well into May as the result of the brand’s joint venture with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Sales volumes of Bud Light plummeted by 23.6% in the week that ended on May 6,  per figures from Beer Business Daily.

In the final week of April, Bud Light experienced a 23.3% decline in sales volume. 

“Trends aren’t getting much worse, but certainly not getting any better either,” Beer Business Daily declared in an analysis of the data, which represented an additional decline from the 23.3% sales fall Bud Light experienced in the final week of April.

In a similar vein, sales volumes for Anheuser-Busch, the company that produced Bud Light, dropped by 9.7% in the first week of May.

The controversy that has Negatively impacted Bud Light’s revenue was brought about by Mulvaney’s promotion of the brand. Mulvaney is a male who identifies as a woman.

Several leading conservative voices have pushed for a boycott over Mulvaney’s marketing engagement with Bud Light, which involved a custom-made beer can with Mulvaney’s face plastered all over it.

Mulvaney has north of 10 million followers on TikTok. He posted several videos advertising Bud Light and presenting the personalized can.

Mulvaney’s promotion of Bud Light enraged conservatives, with several of them accusing the brand of pushing a transgender agenda. In response, they called for a boycott.

Country/rap star Kid Rock used Bud Light cans as targets to manifest his anger at the promotional campaign. In a similar vein, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he would be launching a boycott campaign against Bud Light.

Former President Donald Trump also shared his two cents on the matter, hinting that boycotts can be an effective strategy to send a message to brands whose critics claim are pushing a leftist agenda.

“It’s time to beat the Radical Left at their own game,” Trump posted on Truth Social in early May. “Money does talk—Anheuser-Busch now understands that.”

Indeed, conservatives are beginning to recognize the power of boycotts. One cannot just complain about the Left’s abuse of power. They must actually mount effective resistance against these nefarious actors.

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