Buffalo Bills Announce Mandatory Vaccine Passports for Children Aged 5-11 to Attend NFL Games

The Buffalo Bills have announced that children aged 5-11 will be forced to provide proof of vaccination in order to attend NFL games from now on.

“In accordance with the New York State Mandate, the Buffalo Bills and Highmark Stadium are updating its vaccination policy,” the team said in a release on Wednesday. “Beginning immediately, all guests 5-11 will be required to present proof of at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for entry into all events, concerts, and Bills games.”

Big League Politics has reported on the state of New York being the nationwide leader in implementing vaccine tyranny:

New York Governor Kathy Hochul on Friday ordered all offices, restaurants, shops, and other businesses statewide to make staff and customers either show proof of taking a COVID-19 inoculation or force them to wear masks — otherwise, she says they will face a $1,000 fine per violation.

The new mandate on businesses — many of which are small practices barely surviving financially from repeated assaults by the government on their ability to engage in free enterprise — will take effect Monday and applies statewide.

Businesses that decide to not act as COVID-19 inoculation and muzzle police reportedly could be subject to both civil and even criminal penalties, including a maximum fine of $1,000 for each violation.

The draconian rule will remain in force until at least January 15th. Governor Hochul will then decide if she wants to further extend it, officials said. Hochul’s office said local health departments will be in charge of enforcement.

“I speak all over the state and they’re asking for help. They’ve done everything they can, I applaud our local governments, our county executives, our county administrators and the local public health departments for doing what they can do,” Hochul told reporters after an unrelated event in Manhattan on Friday. “I said I’ll give them air cover, I will give them the protection.”

The newly appointed and unelected New York state governor then went on to falsely suggest that the pandemic has continued solely because of those who have refused the Covid-19 jab.

“This was completely avoidable — [a] completely avoidable circumstance,” the governor continued. “This is a crisis of the unvaccinated.”

This is of course a lie, with reporting from MSN and the CDC also directly contradicting Hochul’s dishonest and divisive rhetoric, claiming that the majority of cases caused by the new Covid-19 “Omicron” variant have occurred in those with full inoculations.

The NFL has shown that it has nothing but contempt for its fans as they embrace COVID-19 tyranny as well as support for Black Lives Matter terrorists. The technocracy is worsening with each day as freedom-loving Americans run out of options for peaceful resistance.

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