Bush Family Member and GOP Candidate Compares Catholics and Other Christians to Islamic Terrorists

Pierce Bush is facing increased scrutiny for some comments he made in which he compared American Christians to Muslim terrorists.

Bush is the latest member of the infamous Bush family to run for higher office, as he seeks election in Texas’s 22nd Congressional District.

Cary Cheshire of Texas Scorecard noted that Bush wrote a letter to the Houston Chronicle, criticizing the Roman Catholic Church’s election of Pope Benedict XVI.

“With the election of Pope Benedict XVI, Christians around the world will most likely not be able to look forward to needed reforms within the Catholic Church. There are two major areas of reform that are needed to accommodate our progressive world society,” said Bush.

Bush even argued that the Catholic Church must change in order to “accommodate our progressive world society.”

According to his newspaper submission, Pierce Bush’s biggest gripe with the Catholic Church is that it does not ordain women.

“In a religion that preaches equality among all people, the Catholic Church is locked into a stone-age mentality by not allowing women to be ordained as priests,” wrote Bush. “Frankly, it is rather Talibanesque.”

However, Cheshire noted that the Catholic Church isn’t the only church that bars the ordination of women. He reminded readers that “the majority of American Christians attend a church that prohibits that as well.”

Southern Baptists, who are the second-largest Christians denomination next to Catholics, are also opposed to the ordination of women.

Cheshire also pointed out the following:

The Missouri Synod Lutherans, the vast majority of Churches of Christ, the Presbyterian Church in America, most bible churches, cowboy churches, and non-denominational churches do as well. Added together, the majority of American Christians attend a church that does not ordain women.

Further, Bush called for ending priest celibacy.

Conservative Catholics like Texas Right to Life’s Jim Graham have opposed this move for years.

“Texas and the conservative movement do not need a Bush in a position of power working toward the liberalization of the Catholic Church―or any faith, for that matter,” Graham told Church Militant, who first broke this story.

Additionally, Pierce Bush has held Never Trump views on immigration.

Back in December, The Daily Caller revealed that Bush participated in an anti-Donald Trump protest march right after the president’s inauguration. Bush was in attendance as protester of President Trump’s proposed immigration restrictions.

“No ban. No fear. Refugees are welcome here. #nationofimmigrants #diversityisourstrength,” he posted to Facebook.

Pierce Bush is clearly following in the footsteps of his globalist political family, which has promoted never-ending wars abroad and mass migration.

Although, he has co-opted the MAGA message on border security, his family history should still make voters hesitant about his candidacy.

How many times have we seen candidates talk tough on the campaign trail and later become total sellouts while in office?

Conservative voters would be wise to avoid Pierce Bush during the GOP primary.

America does not need to perpetuate this political dynasty of globalism.

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