Bush Family’s Globalist Foundation Attacks Trump and Craves More Mass Migration

The Bush family continues to push for mass migration even when its favorite sons are out of office.

Neil Munro of Breitbart News reported on the Bush Center’s criticism of President Donald Trump’s America First immigration policy.

Laura Collins, the center’s economic director, attacked Trump’s America First vision for immigration.

Collins commented:

The most important thing to remember in this is that we don’t want [Trump’s] temporary policy to become permanent immigration policy.

She continued:

We know immigrants are good for the economy. We know they’re good for our culture. We know they’re in this fight with us together, and we’re going to meet them working with us side by side in any recovery after the pandemic is over.

Trump’s April 22 immigration executive order declared that the economic needs of American employees come before foreigners and the cheap labor boosters that want to bring them in by the millions. This policy, while not as comprehensive as many America First proponents would like it to be, temporarily stems the annual arrival of legal immigrants and instructs agencies to review visa worker programs in 30 days.

Munro points out that various polls of the American public and even recent immigrants indicate strong pro-immigration restriction sentiments nationwide.

Congress generally allows 1 million legal immigrants to enter the country annually.

Munro highlighted the following impacts of mass migration:

Every new wave of legal immigrants and illegal migrants competes for existing jobs and force down Americans’ wages. The arrivals also expand poverty, reduce pressure on investors to buy productivity-boosting machines, drive up the price of good housing, and add congestion to K-12 schools and universities.

Trump was elected on an America First immigration platform which sought to curtail both illegal and legal immigration.

Apart from the dramatic socio-economic impact mass migration can have on a country, uncontrolled mass migration could undermine America’s basic institutions if it continues in effect without a legislated or natural pause.

Trump cannot afford to rest on the immigration issue.

He should do everything he can before election day to stem the flow of immigration.

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