Business Review App Yelp Adding Warning for Businesses Accused of “Racism”

BERLIN, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 27: The Logo of Yelp is displayed on a smartphone on November 27, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

Small business review app Yelp announced that it’s introducing a feature in which members of the public can accuse businesses and organization of “racism” on Thursday night.

The San Francisco billion-dollar tech company- which is mainly used for people to review restaurants- will host a “public attention alert” whenever any small business is accused of “racism.” The large company will now host accusations against small businesses it knows nothing about and are predicated on dubious grounds.

This is a terrible idea with awful civil liberties implications. It’s not up to Yelp to falsely label small restaurants as “racist” on the mere grounds of heresay. The app is also introducing a “Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert” for companies it can supposedly verify as “racist,” in which “news articles from credible media outlets” will be featured at the whim of the company management.

This is largely similar to China’s social media credit system, in which the behavior of everyday citizens is monitored and castigated for insufficient obedience to the Chinese Communist Party. Tech companies such as Yelp have become staunchly determined to replicate such a system in the United States, usually targeting middle and working class people from their comfortable Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices.

Conservatives should delete Yelp. The San Francisco tech company is now directly party to the future defamation of small and family businesses.

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