Buzzfeed Hack Tries & Fails To Link PewDiePie To Anti-Semitism

BuzzFeed reporter tried not-so-tactfully to smear the world’s most popular YouTuber Tuesday morning, only to find out that he’d played himself.

“Following on the news that endorsed an antisemitic YouTuber, here’s a screenshot from a recent video in which PewDiePie played a shooting game with and laughed at a fan named “RabbiShekel” whose avatar is the famous anti-Jew “Le Happy Merchant,” said BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein on Twitter.

The press has been attempting to destroy PewDiePie for years for the simple fact that he is more popular than them and does not subscribe to their religion of social justice. He was first embroiled in scandal “over pranks he played involving anti-Semitic rhetoric.” One of the ten commandments of social justice is that joking is, under no circumstance, allowed.

PewDiePie fired back at Bernstein, wrecking his narrative pretty swiftly.

“This Buzzfeed reporter is trying to angle that I played a multiplayer online game with strangers as antisemitism by proxy.. how is this not satire? LOL,” PewDiePie said on Twitter. “Here’s the actual clip btw, which as nothing to do with what he claims. Just another example of people reaching for hits by writing outrage fiction. Clip is funny af also.”

In short, BuzzFeed, in an attempt to manufacture outrage against someone who does not subscribe to their pearl-clutching nonsense, claimed that PewDiePie is anti-Semitic because he played a video game against randomly selected opponents, one of whom has questionable online username.

The media are insane.

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