BuzzFeed Plagiarizer Benny Johnson STEALS Tucker Carlson’s Style, Cadence, and Even His Facial Expressions on “The Benny Report”

“The Benny Report” is a Newsmax TV show hosted by Benny Johnson. If you watched one recent episode in particular, you may have noticed that Benny appeared to blatantly copy the mannerisms and style of Tucker Carlson.

There are striking similarities in timing, cadence, diction, syntax, and facial expressions. Just see for yourself:

This is definitely not a coincidence. He is stealing almost everything from Tucker and it’s painfully obvious. Barstool News Network noticed too and tweeted the video out to their 100,000 followers, saying “Tucker Carlson should sue for this.”

The old saying goes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and maybe Tucker would be flattered and amused if he saw this. But to the viewer it looks cheap and derivative, like Benny’s a grifter, a wannabe, and a plagiarizer.

If you recall, BuzzFeed fired Benny in 2014 after finding more than 40 (!) instances of plagiarism in his articles. Then in 2017 staffers at the Independent Journal Review accused Benny of plagiarizing again, and he was let go from there as well.

Newsmax TV has become a great conservative network and palatable alternative to the increasingly left-wing Fox News. We definitely encourage our readers to cut out Fox News (except for Tucker) and migrate over to Newsmax TV or OANN. But don’t give any of your time to Benny Johnson and “The Benny Report.” He’s been caught plagiarizing before, accused of further plagiarism by others, and there are simply higher quality, more authentically conservative commentators out there. Don’t settle for a knockoff, ersatz brand of Tucker.

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