Buzzfeed Senior Editor: ‘Straight white men are the worst’

Buzzfeed senior editor Lara Parker disparaged white males, making it clear that she was being honest.

“Straight white men are the worst, tbh,” Parker said on July 14, 2014.

“tbh” means “to be honest.”

Parker was employed as a Buzzfeed staff writer at the time of her comments, and was later promoted to editor in July 2015.

Parker is not the only Buzzfeed staffer to make racially charged remarks.

As we reported, Buzzfeed reporter and former D.C. Bureau Chief John Stanton actually proclaimed that he hates white people.

Stanton is currently a “senior national correspondent” or “national reporter” for Buzzfeed News after joining the company as D.C. bureau chief in 2012.

“if it’s gonna be like this after every HRC interview I’m gonna lock all y’all in a room with a naked, meth addled Philippe Reines,” Stanton tweeted on June 9, 2014.

Stanton was referring to a Hillary Clinton interview, in the time period before Clinton lost her bid for the presidency to President Donald Trump.

“you should watch hockey caused me to miss all that,” a user currently named “vote nov 6” tweeted to Stanton.

“I hate white people too much for that,” Stanton responded.



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