CAIR Lobbied Twitter To Ban Laura Loomer

According to The Wall Street Journal, investigative reporter Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter due to efforts by CAIR to silence her. Loomer is a known critic of Sharia. She is also a critic of Islamic jihad and anti-Semitic congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Laura Loomer is a conservative and free speech activist. Apparently Sharia law is being enforced now by big tech as Twitter was influenced by CAIR’s lobbying.

CAIR along with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) seem to have made it their mission to silence those who refuse to toe the line of political correctness. This is just the latest example of censorship by big tech.

We now know that CAIR was involved in silencing an American citizen. This should concern all Americans. Will most of the mainstream media discuss this meddling? No. They will stick to their Russia Collusion delusion.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Among the groups that had complained to Twitter was the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy organization.

The council doesn’t often step in to advocate against other users, says Executive Director Zahra Billoo, but did so in the case of Ms. Loomer based on her previous comments about Muslims. In 2017, Ms. Loomer tweeted after a terror attack in New York City, “Leave it to Muslims to ruin everything. People can’t even enjoy #Halloween without those savages f**king everything up for everyone.”

Other organizations, including the civil-rights organization Muslim Advocates, voiced similar complaints.

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